100 Watt 10-40M Magnetic Alpha Loop Antenna

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No other loop is as highly refined than the Alpha Loop, which is so perfectly balanced that it handles 100 Watts PEP SSB *.

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The Alpha Loop with 'Easy Tune' 6:1 reduction drive is designed to operate from 10 through 40 meters where it is rated at 50W CW, 25W Digital, and 100W PEP SSB *.

* With a properly adjusted Mic Gain, this system will handle 100W PEP SSB. A properly adjusted Mic Gain is basically one that does not peak your meter when SSB is used.

As this antenna is a loop, there are no taps on coils and no counterpoise wires needed. This antenna has a built in tuner that allows you to easily match the antenna for receive and transmit continuously from 7 to 29.7 MHz (40 Meters through 10 Meters). High noise rejection is also one of the favorite features of this antenna for many operators in RFI prone environments. This loop is omnidirectional when placed horizontal and has a null through the center of the loop when placed vertical.

The optional Booster Cable enables you to use 20W PEP SSB on 40/60/80 Meters. When the Booster Cable is added (connected in series) to the 10-40 meter outer loop. The combined length of these outer loops is over 21 feet. This gives the Alpha Loop more surface area, which provides for greater skin effect that equals greater efficiency, than any manufactured loop on 40, 60, & 80 meters.

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User Guides

Power Ratings:
High Power Alpha Loop

When we released the 2018 version of the Alpha Loop, we conservatively rated it at 30 watts. Extensive testing has enabled us to announce that all 2018 30W Alpha Loop antennas purchased after January 1, 2018 can accept the new power levels. To remain safe on many levels from the significant power a 100 watt magnetic loop presents, there is no upgrade path that we have found for all Alpha Loop systems purchased before January 1, 2018.

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Alpha Antenna

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