Remote Alpha Loop Control for the magnetic Alpha MagLoop Antenna

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Remote Alpha Loop Control system for the magnetic Alpha MagLoop Antenna.

The Remote Alpha Loop Control system enables Alpha Loop Antenna systems, which were purchased after January 1, 2017, to be fit with a remote tuning option.

By using industry standard components, Alpha Antenna offers an affordable Remote Control system for the Alpha Loop. This Remote Control system does NOT require any holes be drilled in your current Alpha Loop. Common house hold tools are all that is needed to install the Remote Control system, which only takes a few minutes.

The Controller has a potentiometer that can be turned on and increase/decreased to control Motor speed. The switch in the Controller can be toggled to move the Motor left or right, and a center position stops the Motor. Unique to Alpha Antenna, there is a clutch assembly in the variable air capacitor that keeps the gears from being stripped.

Initial tuning is best observed on your rigs S-Meter, which is then tweaked by transmitting at low power while adjusting for lowest SWR on your rigs internal SWR Meter. For easier tuning use an external SWR Meter or Antenna Analyzer.

- Coupler
- Motor
- Controller
- Mount
- Wiring

Note - If you purchased your Alpha Loop before January 1, 2017, please feel free to send us a front & rear photo of your Alpha Match to have us determine if your loop is compatible.
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