Remote 100 Watt 10-40M
Magnetic Alpha Loop antenna

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10-40M 100W Remote tune Magnetic Alpha Loop for Permanent Base or Portable ops

This antenna can be mounted as a permanent outside antenna or inside on a mast up to 1 1/4" in diameter. This small 40 to 10 meter (transmitting) loop is a complete circuit, so there is no need for counterpoise wires. It also has a built in tuner with an included wired remote control. Another feature unique only to the Alpha Loop is the shielded coupling loop, which offers high noise rejection and enables this antenna to be especially useful in RFI prone environments.

Alpha Match with mast mount hardware in an IP67 enclosure
Inner Loop with SO239 connection and mast mount hardware
3 foot Outer Loop that offers continuous coverage from 7 MHz to 29.7 MHz
50 feet of outdoor rated remote control cable
Remote Control and power supply

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Alpha Antenna

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