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The Alpha Antenna® LT-FMJ (Light, Full Metal Jacket) system is a lighter 10-80 meter version of the portable FMJ HF antenna system. When deployed with the included NVIS, Vertical, & Grounded Counterpoise elements, the system will launch your signal at a target in the opposite direction the NVIS element is run. You may also use an external tuner if the antenna is installed over a poor ground or not placed in a clear area.

Installation Notes:
- Never Remove or Loosen the Bolts, Washers, Nuts, or Caps on the Alpha Match.
- Guy with the included NVIS, Counterpoise, & Dacron rope.

• Frequency: 10M – 80M
• Power: 500W SSB (200W CW or 100W Digital)
• RF Connection: SO-239
• Weight: 6 pounds
• Stowed size: 29x3x3 inches, which fits all the following ‘Included’ items.

1 - 29x3x3 inch bag with a adjustable shoulder strap that holds all of the following:
1 - 17 feet 9 inch telescopic whip
1 - Alpha Match that installs on the tripod
1 - 25' NVIS element wire that installs between the telescopic element and the Alpha Match.
1 - 8' ground wire with ground stake that installs over the bottom bolt on the Alpha Match.
1 - Single black Dacron guy rope & 9 1/2" aluminum stake
1 - 7 foot light-weight portable deployment tripod

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3D Model of the Alpha Antenna® LT-FMJ system

Analysis of the Alpha LT-FMJ antenna when on the tripod
SWR Analysis

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