10-80M Alpha Loop antenna
with 40/80M Booster Cable

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This 10-80 meter antenna is a loop, so there are no taps on coils and no counterpoise wires needed. It has a built in tuner with a 6:1 reduction drive that allows you to easily match the antenna for transmit and receive from 7 MHz to 29.7 MHz or 3.5 MHz to 7 MHz when the Booster Cable is installed. High noise rejection is also one of the favorite features of this antenna for many operators in RFI prone environments.

The outer loop has over 21 feet in total length with the Booster Cable installed. This gives the Alpha Loop more surface area, which provides for greater skin effect that equals greater efficiency, than any manufactured loop on 40, 60, & 80 meters.

The Alpha Loop is also the only manufactured loop that uses an inner Shielded LMR400 Faraday Loop, which lowers RFI by shielding the feed loop that your coax connects to.

eHam Reviews:
eHam Reviews

User Guide:
User Guide

Tripod and Bag
6:1 Vernier Reduction Drive
Outer Loop with continuous frequency coverage from 7 MHz to 29.7 MHz or 3.5 MHz to 7 MHz using the Booster Cable.
Marine sealant and crimped & soldered Silver Plated PL-259s, conform to US Military MIL-SPEC connection standards
Mount - Integrated mount with 3/8x24 & 1/4x20 threads
Alpha Match - High voltage enclosure with rubber grommet seal

This is a transmit/receive antenna
10-40 Meter 30 watt PEP SSB
40-80 meter Booster Cable takes enables operations at 20 watts PEP SSB on 80 meters, while simultaneously boosting performance on 40 meters at 30W PEP SSB.

The Coaxial Alpha Loop Antenna appears as a large resonant circuit to your transceiver. The loop is a large single turn inductor of the circuit. Due to the large size of the inductor, radiation of your signal very easily takes place.

Booster Cable
The AlphaLoop Booster Cable enables your 10-40 meter Alpha Loop Antenna to transmit and receive on 60 & 80 meters. The AlphaLoop Booster Cable also increases the efficiency for 40 meters.

The Booster Cable consists of a specially tuned section of Times Microwave LMR-400 coax plus a double-female SO239/UHF connector that connects in series to either PL259 on your 10-40 meter outer loop, resulting in an increase in efficiency from the double loop configuration.

Outer Loop: Constructed from LMR-400
Inner Loop: Shielded directly fed faraday loop that remains rigid to enable stable tuning and prevent SWR fluctuations.
Variable air capacitor: No RF conduction currents flow through the bearings of the rotor on the variable air capacitor that is constructed using dual gang split stators.
Connectors: All connectors are silver plated using the highest quality connectors available
Housing: High voltage enclosure
Included Tripod: Integrated mounting point for antenna
Included Bag: Custom bag holds all components with room left for gear

Inside the Alpha Match

Inside the Alpha Match

Inner Loop

Inner Loop

Back of Alpha Match

Back of Alpha Match

Advantages of the Alpha Loop
Some of the advantages of the Alpha Loop over other manufacturered loops include:
A) There are no lossy mechanical A/B switches in the Alpha Loop, which do increase resistance in the most sensitive location (at the capacitor).
B) Soldered, rather than crimped connections, are the only connection type used to connect the variable air capacitor to the SO239s within what we call the grey Alpha Match box.
C) Silver plated SO-239s & PL259s are used, which lowers resistance far beyond what the other connectors do.
D) The Booster Cable from Alpha Antenna increases the overall size of the Outer Loop by over 120% for 40 through 80 meters, thereby increasing real efficiency, rather than adding a lossy A/B switch and other losses to enable the antenna to function through 3.5 MHz.
E) Solid wire, rather than stranded wire that can introduce losses, is exclusively used between the variable air capacitor and SO239 connection points.
F) A nylon shaft is used to significantly lower hand capacitance between the knob and the variable air capacitor, rather than a metal shaft that can cause RF burns and will cause tuning to be difficult because of hand capacitance.
G) Rather than cutting corners and installing only two bolts on each SO239, Alpha Antenna uses four stainless steel bolts to hold the SO239 connectors in place.
H) A double walled electrical enclosure with built-in metal nuts and a rubber grommet that seals the lid are used in the construction for the housing of the Alpha Match, rather than thin walled housings with plastic catch points for screws or no rubber grommet to help keep the elements out that are found on housings other manufacturers use.
I) True Times Microwave LMR-400 coax is used for both the outer loops and the inner loop, rather than sub-standard coax or hardened aluminum both of which increases resistance and thus losses.
J) A built-in tripod mount is integrated into the well engineered Alpha Loop's matching box, rather than table top or PVC pipe holes for tripod mounting.
K) Reversible mounting hardware on the Alpha Match allows the user to customize the configurable option that places the tuning knob on the top or bottom of the loop's matching box, rather than forcing the user into just one operational configuration.
L) It has been documented in multiple and independent video reviews that at least one manufactured loop could not be used to make contacts on frequencies below 7.3MHz.

We are dedicated to improving all of our antennas. Specifications and descriptions are subject to change without notice.
If you have a suggestion on price or how to improve this product, please send us your feedback by clicking here.


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