6-80 meter Multiband HF
FEA (Field Expedient Antenna)

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This Multiband FEA (Field Expedient Antenna) is a customizable tuner free directional HF system for 6-80 Meters. The FEA can be deployed for different environments, including Base Camp, Portable, Manpack, and even Mobile. Alternatively, you may remove the NVIS element to make your antenna have an omnidirectional signal pattern. You may also use an external antenna tuner after removing the NVIS element or if your antenna is installed over a poor ground.

• Frequency: 6M – 80M
• Power: 500W SSB (250 CW)
• RF Connection: SO-239
• Length: 25’ NVIS Element
• Height: 13' 1.25" Vertical
• Stainless Steel Alpha Match
• Included: 8' ground wire with ground stake
• Included: Jaw Mount with Riser and Hex wrench

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3D Model of Alpha Antenna® Mutiband tuner free system

Advancements over other designs:
Automatic tuner free matching rated at 500 watts PEP SSB and is NOT 50W PEP CW; No changing of switches, jumpers or coils are required for tuner free operations, and touch free tuner free operations is something no competitor can claim.

Directional; Unique also to only to the Alpha Multiband Antenna line of systems is a directional antenna system for international DX communications that also enhances NVIS (Near Vertical Incident Skywave) for stateside communications.

The Alpha Match; The protective housing of the Alpha Match is made of 316 Stainless Steel, which outperforms the Black poly Delrin that is still popular with all other manufacturers. The inductor is now encased in a metal housing where it is isolated by a dielectric. This housing then enables the Alpha Match to capacitively balance the inductor once the elements are installed.

The MilStick Whip; The composite of the .433 inch diameter MilStick whip is a high strength, high quality, aerospace 7075-T9 alloy and at 13 feet is longer, has a larger diameter, & is stronger than any competitors whip. The construction of each element has a scratch-resistant hard-anodized surface. This surface is fully removed from each insert and also removed 2.5 inches inside each element. The inserts are then electrically bonded, where full contact RF continuity and connectivity is used to ensure maximum efficiencies are achieved. At the base of the whip an embedded 8740 Steel (chrome moly) cadmium plated stud supports the MilStick on the Alpha Match.

The Wiring Used; Sheathed 13 AWG memory free wiring is used, which has a tensile break strength of 500 pounds that is rated for temperatures from -40°C to +75°C. VS. Wiring that is so light duty that it can be wrapped around a kite string holder.

The Padded Field Bag; Made from 600D nylon with embroidered logo and with high quality zippers. This highly customized bag has a padded front pocket and a padded larger inner compartment, plus a shoulder strap with padded shoulder pad.

Unique Jaw Mount with an included Riser means NO Loose Parts when deploying or disassembling the antenna.


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