10-40M Alpha Loop Jr+ antenna

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Field Bag

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The 10-40 Meter Alpha Loop Jr+ is the waterproofed concealed carry antenna that covers most CAP (SHARES), MARS, and Amateur Radio frequencies. This is a light 6.350MHz to 29.7MHz transmit/receive antenna in a small package that deploys in approximately 60 seconds, and is rated at 25 Watts PEP SSB.

The Alpha Loop Jr+ is our lightest loop, with everything weighing only 1.0 Kg, with the OPTIONAL Field Bag!

Specifications include
- Continuous transmit & low noise receive coverage from 6.350 MHz to 29.7 MHz
- 6:1 Reduction Drive
- Water-proof Alpha Match housing
- Power rating of 25 watts PEP SSB (12 Watts CW & 6 Watts Digital)
- Proven Times Microwave LMR-400 design for the construction of the outer & inner loops
- Rigid inner loop with convenient SO-239 where you connect your coax

OPTIONAL Rugged canvas 10x8x5 inch (25x20x13 cm) MOLLE field bag with shoulder strap
Alpha QRP Loop Bag

This Alpha Antenna features fast and easy tuning, which means you just listen for the loudest noise to come out of your rigs speaker as you turn the tuning knob on the multiband Alpha Loop Jr, and then just tweak for the lowest SWR using your rigs SWR meter or an Antenna Analyzer.

60 second deployment video of the antenna


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