10-80M Alpha DX EMCOMM
Carbon Fiber Antenna
100% USA Made

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If you are wanting a 100% American sourced 10-80 meter antenna from a U.S. company that is owned by an American, then this HF system is it.

"LIGHT & SMALL! This is the perfect first responder's EMCOMM antenna, which solves the problem of carrying too much weight, eliminates the requirement for needing a lot of real estate to deploy an antenna, and cuts the time of deployment to 60 seconds."

This is a 250W PEP SSB antenna system, where SWR results shown below are automatically achieved on 10-80 Meters.

The composition of this system is a carbon fiber infused polymer, 7075-T9 aircraft aluminum, poly sheathed woven copper clad steel wire, and 316 stainless steel.

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User Guides

A) Computer designed to maximize Q (efficiency).
B) Capacity Hat configuration to enhance your signals launch patterns.
C) Total height with tripod 95 inches. Total Width 56 inches.
D) Total radiating length of all Vertical, Horizontal, & Ground elements = 22.833 feet.

1 Carbon Fiber infused Tuning Coil with Built-in SO-239 connector
1 Vertical 26" 7075-T9 aluminum Element
4 Horizontal 26" 7075-T9 aluminum Elements
1 12' Ground poly sheathed woven copper clad steel wire and stake
1 Tripod with Carbon Fiber infused mounting head
1 Carryall Bag
TOTAL WEIGHT = 2 kgs/72 ounces/4.5 lbs

Alpha Antenna DX Antenna Analysis

Alpha Antenna DX Antenna Analysis

Alpha Antenna DX Simulation

Alpha Antenna DX Antenna

Alpha Antenna DX Antenna

Alpha Antenna DX Bag

Alpha Antenna DX Antenna

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