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Summary - The HexTenna™ by Alpha Antenna® is a legal limit and full size portable VHF/UHF/HF system that is deployable as a Vertical or Dipole on 2 to 40 meters, 220MHz, & 440MHz. Additionally deployable as a Yagi when two or more HexTenna™ systems are used.

Download the Data Sheet: Download the Data Sheet here

Description - This antenna is a full-sized HF/VHF Dipole and HF/VHF/UHF Vertical, which is also configurable as a HF/VHF Yagi beam by using multiple HexTenna™ systems. This is a high performance antenna system, not a not a ‘no tune all-band antenna’. There are no lossy traps, baluns, or coils that have to be manually tapped whe changing frequencies. Rather, the whips for the HexTenna™ are full-sized Telescopic elements that extend to 17 feet 9 inches. This design enables you to adjust the whips/counterpoise, and make the HexTenna™ resonate as close as possible for the band you are using. For example, when deployed for 20 meters, the system has two self supporting telescopic whips that have a total deployed length of about 34 feet.

Deployment - The Hextenna™ is packable into a 24 x 4 1/2 inch space. Deployment can be achieved using the included Top of Mast Mount, which can be affixed to any sized pipe between 1 to 1 1/4 inch outside diameter. It is recommended that you ALWAYS guy this system, with the exception of deployment on the optional & recommended HD-FMJ Tripod or with the included Top of Mast Mount affixed firmly to a well supported user provided mast.

• Power: Full legal limit
• RF Connection: SO-239
• Frequency: 2 - 40 Meters, plus 220MHz, & 440MHz

2 - 5.41 meter (17' 9") telescopic stainless steel whips (with “Alpha Antenna” laser engraved)
1 - Hextenna™ hub
2 - 30/40 meter clip on wire elements
1 - 12-20M Counterpoise on winder
1 - Top of Mast Mount

What people are saying about the HexTenna:
HexTenna Review

Analysis of the Alpha Hextenna™

Download the Scans for the AntScope application: Download Scans here
Download the AntScope application: Download application here

2 Meter Dipole
SWR Analysis

220 MHz Vertical
SWR Analysis

440 MHz Vertical
SWR Analysis

Dipole Configuration Results
6 Meter Dipole
SWR Analysis

10 Meter Dipole
SWR Analysis

12 Meter Dipole
SWR Analysis

15 Meter Dipole
SWR Analysis

17 Meter Dipole
SWR Analysis

20 Meter Dipole
SWR Analysis

40 Meter Dipole (with Optional add-on wire element)
SWR Analysis

Vertical Configuration with 4 user supplied counterpoise cut to size per the user guide
10 Meter Vertical
SWR Analysis

Vertical Configuration with optional add-on counterpoise or 4 user supplied counterpoises cut to size per the user guide
12 Meter Vertical
SWR Analysis

15 Meter Vertical
SWR Analysis

17 Meter Vertical
SWR Analysis

20 Meter Vertical
SWR Analysis

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