10-40 Meter Alpha QRP Loop with Coax feedline & Field Bag

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The rugged Alpha QRP Loop is a rain proof, directional, 10-40 meter HF transmitting, back-packable, antenna that weighs less than all others and has low noise receive capabilities from 7.0MHz to 29.7MHz.

Specifications include:
- Rugged canvas 10x8x5 inch MOLLE field bag with shoulder strap
- Continuous receive coverage from 7.0 MHz to 29.7 MHz - Transmit operation from 10 through 40 meters
- Power rating of 10 watts PEP SSB
- Simple table top operations. Just sit it on any table or desk and forget it.
- Stainless Steel bolt with 3/8-24 threads is on the back of the match for easy mounting on any industry standard 3/8-24 mount
- Built-in direct drive tuner
- Light weight antenna weighing in at only 1.3 pounds
- Packable into a smaller space than any other magnetic loop antenna
- Proven Times Microwave LMR-400 design standards for the construction of the outer loop
- Inner loop with convenient integrated feed-line
- A feed-line that is approximately 9 feet long, which has a built-in PL259 connector

This Alpha Antenna features fast and very easy tuning, which means you just listen for the loudest noise to come out of your rigs speaker as you turn the tuning knob on the Alpha QRP Loop, and then just tweak for the lowest SWR using your rigs SWR meter or an Antenna Analyzer. Proven to withstand 65 MPH winds on mobile installations, this rain proof antenna system that deploys in 60 seconds will serve you well for many years.

Wind load video demonstration

Included - 5x8x10 inch MOLLE field bag

Alpha QRP Loop Bag

Optional - 3 ft Tripod (Affixes with a large built-in Velcro strap on the back of the MOLLE bag)

Alpha QRP Loop Bag

Optional - Jaw Mount (Fits in the Bag with the Alpha QRP Loop!)

Alpha QRP Loople=


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