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The Alpha ProMaster Sr operates on 10-160 meters. This durable permanent base and transportable outdoor antenna brings you multi-band system base performance into an extremely small footprint. All you need is an area that is 35 feet x 35 feet to optimally deploy the antenna. Perfect for encrypted or non-encrypted Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) and all HF modes including, but not limited to, CW, SSB (USB/LSB), AM, etc. Plus the whole system is rated IP69K. (Reference: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/IP_Code)

Built for harsh environments, you will appreciate the durability of this antenna. If you happen to take this antenna portable, you'll also enjoy the 10 minute setup/take-down. The vertical element stores away at 3 foot 3 inches, and then is nearly 18 feet tall when deployed. This system also incorporates 4 active resonant horizontal elements to provide you with enhanced NVIS, while also optimizing take off angles of the vertical element for DX! Simply mount the antenna 6 to 7 feet off the ground on a galvanized fence post pipe from your local hardware store or on the Optional steel Tripod. The Optional Tripod makes this one of the most deployable antenna systems available.


(Follow the instructions in the User Manual to select the lowest possible SWRs for the higher or lower bands)

eHam Reviews

18 feet tall (approximately) and breaks down into 3 foot long components
Frequency Coverage - 1.6 to 30 MHz
Power - 500W PEP SSB (200W CW or 100W Digital)
Weight - 6 Pounds

- 1 Alpha Match - 1 Heavy duty mount and hardware
- 1 Self-supporting 6 section telescopic vertical element
- 5 Stainless steel clamps
- 4 Active wire NVIS elements
- 1 Counterpoise radial

The details:
The ProMaster Sr is a base camp antenna that is configured as a vertical antenna system with active NVIS elements. Each band uses the vertical element and the matching active horizontal NVIS elements to achieve near resonance for any specific frequency from 1.6 through 34 MHz, which can be matched with an antenna tuner. From this design, real world tests enabled us to balance the reactance between capacitance and inductance with the Alpha Match on the ProMaster Sr antenna. The resulting SWRs that are typically seen are presented in the analysis, which may vary depending upon your environment. Essentially, the center feed point above the Alpha Match has specific wire lengths that allow the Alpha Match to perform a match on any specific band that is in use. Where, the path of least resistance for Ohms Law governs the simultaneous coupling of each horizontal active wire element with the vertical element. This enables the highest possible Q to be achieved {Q2p f L)/R}.

Directional Option:
The ProMaster Sr comes with the option to configure the system as a directional signal launching antenna. To enable this feature, you simply remove three of the active NVIS elements from the top bolt. Your signal is then launched in the opposite direction that the one remaining element is pointing.

SWR Analysis when directional option is enabled 

We are dedicated to improving all of our antennas. Specifications and descriptions are subject to change without notice.


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