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Counterpoise Kit

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Performance is enhanced when the number of radial fields are increased. Performance is further enhanced when raised counterpoise wires are used, when compared to the equivalent number & length of radials that lay on the ground. Radials and Counterpoise wires perform the same function; except that Counterpoise are raised and Radials lay on the ground. Counterpoise wires are simply three times more effective than radials.

These specially designed and hand-made elements provide a counterpoise field. This design provides the most efficient way to counter-balance your antenna system while maximizing the radiated energy. This is done by putting your signal into the air rather than into the ground.

Kit Includes:
3 25 Foot Counterpoise Elements
3 Ring connectors for which to easily attach the counterpoise wires under existing hardware bolts and nuts
3 Heavy duty stakes that support the additional elements that also serve as Guy Wires for low wind conditions. Additional user supplied guying is recommended for windier conditions.