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Replacement Shock Cord for 13 foot element

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This is the replacement shock cord for either the Multiband, Vertical, or EzMilitary (TM) elements.

1) Label each element with an assigned number/letter value so that you assemble them in the same order they were disassembled.

2) Remove the set screw on the ferrule at the base of the MilStick whip and set it aside on a piece of tape and/or in something for safe keeping.

3) Separate the bottom element from the second element and cut the shock cord with a pair scissors just above where the shock cord exits from the bottom element. Pay attention to the order of the elements so that they are assembled in the same order they are removed.

4) Using a rod that fits the hole in the bottom element, push the cord out of the bottom element till it is exposed at the base where the ferrule is located. Then remove the cord completely.

5) Remove the black rubber tip on the top element and place it with the set screw.

6) Remove the silver metal plug from the end of the top element with pliers and place it with the rubber tip and set screw. Pay attention to how the old cord is knotted at that point before cutting it off with scissors.

1) Tie a single knot near the bottom of the shock cord before forcefully pulling it into the bottom element, ferrule end first. If the knot pulls through the silver metal insert a second know will be required.

2) Pull the cord through the elements in such a way so that the elements are assembled in the order you labeled them in step 1 of 'Removing The Old Cord'.

3) While applying enough tension to allow the shock cord to hold the elements in place, tie the new cord onto the silver metal plug with the same single knot that was used to affix the old cord.

4) Test the tension of the newly installed shock cord by deploying the MilStick whip. The elements should be pulled together with no slack in the shock cord. If slack exists, repeat Step 6 'Removing The Old Cord' and Step 3 'Installing The New Cord'.

5) Place the black rubber tip over the silver metal plug.

6) Replace the set screw, but do not force it in or you will strip the threading for it.

7) Remove the labels from each element.
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