AlphaLoop Booster Cable
for 40 to 80 meters

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The Alpha Loop Booster Cable enables your 2017 10-40 meter Alpha Loop antenna to transmit and receive on 40, 60, & 80 meters while rated at 30 watts PEP SSB on 40 meters & 20 watts PEP SSB on 80 meters. The Alpha Loop Booster Cable also increases the efficiency for 40 meters. Available as an option for the 2017 10-40 meter Alpha Loop antenna or as an option if you already own a 2016 Alpha Loop with selfie-stick. If you have an Alpha Loop with no selfi-stick, please let us know that at the time of purchase so that we can provide a modified version of the Booster Cable. This option is not available for the QRP Loop.

"I just had a reasonably long QSO on 80 m from Adelaide South Australia to Caragabal NSW which is a distance of almost 1000 KM. The alpha loop was sitting on my desk next to me inside the house (under the iron roof). My signal was 5/9. Now I really believe it works - Joe VK5FBHE". CLICK HERE TO READ MORE 

The Booster Cable consists of a specially tuned section of Times Microwave LMR-400 coax plus a double-female SO239/UHF connector that connects to either PL259 on your 10-40 meter outer loop, resulting in a 120% increase in a double loop configuration. The Booster Cable is easily installed or uninstalled with Velcro straps.

40-80 Meter AlphaLoop Booster Cable
installed on the 10-40 Meter AlphaLoop, Available Here 

Alpha Loop Booster Cable
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