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Alpha Antenna portable HF OCF Dipole system

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Overview - This is the Alpha Antenna OCF (off-center fed) Dipole that is available in the 6-40 or the 10-80 meter version. Introduction - Our ... more info
Here is the Alpha Antenna Jam Mount specifically designed to provide a significant ground for the Alpha MOTO Antenna systems. Made of Stainless ... more info
The Alpha Match for S9 & ProMaster antennas enables your system to perform as a multi-band antenna. Rated at 500 watts PEP SSB, this Alpha Match is ... more info
This kit enables mobile HF when installed upon either the Black or Stainless Steel Alpha Match. These components then form the 6-40 meter Alpha MOTO ... more info
Stainless steel clamp on antenna mount with included Riser. 1/2 inch mount hole, adjustable to various angles. Clamps to 1-1/4 to 1-3/4 inch diameter ... more info
The Alpha Loop Booster Cable enables your 2017 10-40 meter Alpha Loop antenna to transmit and receive on 40, 60, & 80 meters while rated at 30 watts ... more info
All repairs/upgrades start with this "Assessment fee for repairs/upgrades". This $25 is to cover shipping charges for the item to be sent back to ... more info
This version of the Alpha ProMaster is a 10-40 meter base & transportable vertical antenna that is easy for one person to assemble and deploy. This ... more info

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Performance is enhanced when the number of radial fields are increased. Performance is further enhanced when raised counterpoise wires are used, when ... more info
Stealthy black VHF/UHF Dual Band Antenna • Frequency: 144-148/435-450 MHz (2 Meter 440MHz bands) • Gain: Unity Gain (VHF)/ 2 dB (UHF) • Power ... more info


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