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FREE SHIPPING TODAY Description: This Multiband FEA (Field Expedient Antenna) is a customizable tuner free directional HF system for 6-80 Meters. The ... more info
Specifically designed for the Alpha Vertical & EzMilitary (TM) Antenna systems, the "NVIS Kit" from Alpha Antenna includes one element that adds ... more info

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Use this option after you receive the estimate for repairs or upgrades. Simply select the quantity that equals the dollar amount you were quoted. ... more info
Replacement Selfie Stick For 10-80 Meter Alpha Loop Antenna.
This is the replacement shock cord for either the Multiband, Vertical, or EzMilitary (TM) elements. REMOVING THE OLD CORD 1) Label each element with ... more info
Riser for the Top of Mast Mount or Alpha Jaw Mount consists of a long hex nut that is secured to your Alpha Jaw Mount with a stainless steel bolt, ... more info
Single Element Top of Mount, for mounting the Alpha Match at the top of your own mast with a size of 1 1/4 inches or less.

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This is the small 3 foot tripod that is recommended for all Alpha Loop antennas, which will fit in the Duffle Bag for all Alpha magnetic Loop antennas
Specifically selected for the Alpha line of antennas. This accessory has the SO-239 where you attach your coax and the 24x3/8 stud on the opposite ... more info
SPECIAL PURCHASE! 2/440 Antenna, Multimount, & Coax

Stealthy black VHF/UHF Dual Band Antenna with tilt base that can be configured as either a magnetic or lip mount. • Frequency: 144-148/435-450 MHz ... more info


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