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10-80M Marine HF Alpha

10-80M Marine HF Alpha

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This is one of Alpha’s ProMaster series antennas. Although listed in the title as Marine, I went with this antenna mainly due to space limitations, cost ($219.00), and after verifying with Alpha Antenna that it could also be used as a land based antenna.

Initially had some issues getting it to work (due to operator head-space and timing). However, after a few back and forth via email with KL4QG, things began to improve. After further discussion with Steve (Alpha Antenna owner), made a few more recommended changes and couldn’t be more satisfied with this no-radial vertical. Easy setup (pay attention to the directions and diagrams that come with the antenna). Highest SWR from 10M-80M is 2.3:1 when hooked up to my Kenwood TS-450S.

Customer Service – Turns out that KL4QG knows Alpha Antenna owner Steve, and before I had a chance to call Alpha Antenna, I get a call from Steve offering advice and assistance in getting me up and running. Made a few changes that Steve recommended and problems solved. Customer service with Alpha Antenna is top notch. When the owner calls and works with you, you know that customer support is as important as the product. Would definitely recommend Alpha Antenna to anyone looking for a good antenna.