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Amazing Performance

I’ve been using the J-Pole Jr. for about a month now and it performs exceptionally well. Initially I bought it as a “back up” while I awaited delivery of a[…]

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6-80M Alpha HD-FMJ, Multi-band portable HF antenna 5/5

This is a 5/5 product. I purchased the 6-80M Alpha HD-FMJ, Multi-band portable HF antenna and after an extensive morning conversation with James and Steve in which they answered all[…]

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QRP Loop Antenna

I was the lucky winner of a donated 10-40 Meter Alpha QRP Loop with Field Bag antenna at the QRP ARCI Four-Days-In-May Convention. I have been using the antenna, set[…]

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Alpha 6 – 80 FMJ ANTENNA

I got this antenna in April as an upgrade to the older one I have. I used the FMJ antenna on Saturday of field day this year and I have[…]

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I have used this portable antenna for field day type activity and just to test it out. I have had good luck with it, but I am using an antenna[…]

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The Alpha MOTO mobile antenna arrived in the mail today very well packed. In less than 20 minutes, I had the antenna mounted on my Nisan Frontier and tuned. The[…]

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