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Alpha Antenna MOTO-FMJ

HF mobile experiments with the Alpha MOTO-FMJ Antenna

Credit for the content here goes to VE4VE (ex VE4DL) First, I wish to tell the nay-sayers that this is not a simple Balun system and it is not a[…]

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Enhanced NVIS option for the Alpha HD-FMJ and ProMaster Antenna

Alpha Antenna offers four optional 35 foot NVIS Elements, which enhance the performance of Near Vertical Incidence (NVIS) for either the HD-FMJ and ProMaster systems when either is mounted between[…]

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Alpha Antenna HD-FMJ

Tips when using the Alpha FMJ or ProMaster Antenna

Your signal will launch away from the NVIS element, and in the direction of where the Grounded Counterpoise is pointing. Try not ‘point’ your signal at a building, vehicle, or[…]

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Can I use a tuner with a Magnetic Loop antenna (MagLoop)?

You need to remember to turn your antenna tuner off (or switch it to by-pass) each time you go to another frequency that puts your SWR above 2.9:1, at which[…]

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A thorough look at the 10-80 Meter Alpha Loop Antenna

(Experimentations, Observations, & Optimizations) By – Rick N6IET https://alphaantenna.com/10-80-meter-alpha-loop-antenna/ In the beginning My adventure with the Alpha Loop antenna began with a deployment on a Friday morning a top a[…]

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Experimental reflections of an Alpha Loop antenna

https://alphaantenna.com/experimental-reflections-of-an-alpha-loop-antenna In experiments with a 5 foot square (minimum) sheet of metal or wire mesh screen placed ‘under a horizontally’ or ‘behind a vertically’ mounted Alpha Loop antenna, evidence showed[…]

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Ground Gain and the Alpha Antenna

https://alphaantenna.com/ground-gain-and-the-alpha-antenna The Alpha Antenna line of systems are designed to increase performance using ground gain. Once the system is deployed, ground gain can be as much as 6 dB (approximately[…]

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Alpha Loop deployments that increase NVIS (Near Vertical Incidence Skywave) patterns

When the Alpha Loop is mounted horizontally the NVIS and omnidirectional patterns are increased. When the Alpha Loop is deployed vertically with the outer loop as an oval shape, then[…]

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See what people like you are saying

I just got my Alpha DX EMCOMM antenna

Learn More At http://www.AlphaAntenna.com Based on my great experience with my Alpha ProMaster I ordered a DX for field day. It arrived very quickly. Again, great materials and workmanship. It[…]

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Alpha Antenna MOTO-FMJ

Amazing performance in a small package

Learn More At http://www.AlphaAntenna.com I spoke to Steve at Alpha antennas at length before deciding to get one of these fine units. First, I wish to tell the nay-sayers that[…]

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Learn More At http://www.AlphaAntenna.com I set the antenna up in 5 minutes. First contact Brazil from the backyard at 6.5 feet. I continued with numerous contacts across the country. This[…]

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First class!

Learn More At http://www.AlphaAntenna.com I have several quality antennas from Alpha Antenna. This is my latest – a 13′ vertical that packs in 16″ bag. After trying it in my[…]

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