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Making mobile fun!

I spent a lot more than 200 bucks on my mobile radio and all I wanted to make sure that I got a mobile antenna that would let me make[…]

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This is the first antenna that I’ve had success with because I live in 2nd floor apartment with limited space, surrounded by power lines, and no access to ground. Tried[…]

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Very Happy!

Ordering and the customer service was excellent. Steven kept me updated on the progress as the antenna was built, and updated me as he posted YouTube videos of SWR measurements[…]

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What a difference!!

I purchased the original version in February of 2013 and just received the new version that’s now a Dipole and a Vertical, as well as a Yagi when two or[…]

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Just grab the bag and Go!

I did way too much research before I bought the Alpha Coaxial Mag Loop. I was looking for the best performance for the money and Alpha came out on top.[…]

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The Old One was Good and the New One is Fantastic

We have owned the 10-40 meter Alpha Loop antenna for a few years and have experienced great results with it. Our daughter Hope (KM4IPF) broke through a pileup with a[…]

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