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A good, practical vertical antenna

A good, practical vertical antenna

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Several years ago I purchased two of the 31′ S9v antennas from the original product founder. I find that the antenna serves nicely as a convenient, portable antenna.

It is easy to handle and set up by one person due to its light weight. It can be lashed to most anything solid and you don’t need to worry about guys. I often use mine as ground plane with three, 32-foot return wires about 6 to 7 feet above ground. I feed it with 300 Ohm twinlead, a 4:1 current balun and use the radio’s internal tuner for 40 through 10 meters. Yes, that’s probably not the most pristine implementation. But I have no problem matching the antenna with a tuner, or making lots of contacts with 5 Watts of power.

It is a nice, affordable, multi-band antenna solution (with an added tuner) that can be installed by an individual.