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Great performance and well built

I received the Alpha DX Antenna and it was protected very well in its’ package during shipping. The antenna came with three radiating elements and a single vertical element, all of which are heavy duty stainless steel telescopic whips. Next to come out of the box was a well suited tripod with a standard mount…
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Reviewed the Alpha Vertical

I had only used the antenna when I was on holiday. I think a combination of bad conditions and bad location limited my success. Today, I set it up in my yard and worked the world on 15, 17 and 20 meters. From Hawaii to Italy, Brazil, Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia, I had no problem…
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Great Indeed!

I have been out of ham radio for a few yrs. about 20 yrs. got the bug again still had my Icom 745 in great shape. My antenna blow down in a bad wind storm. Saw the alpha on ebay a got one.it is a great antenna every time I turn on the radio and…
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04/03/2020 to 04/04/2020

Amazing Performance

I’ve been using the J-Pole Jr. for about a month now and it performs exceptionally well. Initially I bought it as a “back up” while I awaited delivery of a multi band vertical that costs about 3x as much as the J-Pole Jr. The delivery of the other antenna was initially delayed due to the…
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6-80M Alpha HD-FMJ, Multi-band portable HF antenna 5/5

This is a 5/5 product. I purchased the 6-80M Alpha HD-FMJ, Multi-band portable HF antenna and after an extensive morning conversation with James and Steve in which they answered all of my technical questions as well as questions concerning warranty. They were both very open and unlike many antenna companies openly share details including a…
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QRP Loop Antenna

I was the lucky winner of a donated 10-40 Meter Alpha QRP Loop with Field Bag antenna at the QRP ARCI Four-Days-In-May Convention. I have been using the antenna, set up in my shack/office on a tripod these past few weeks. I have been very happy with the performance it is giving me from my…
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Alpha 6 – 80 FMJ ANTENNA

I got this antenna in April as an upgrade to the older one I have. I used the FMJ antenna on Saturday of field day this year and I have to say. This antenna is quite awesome. I made 259 contacts with this antenna that day and was the only one working my station. I…
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I have used this portable antenna for field day type activity and just to test it out. I have had good luck with it, but I am using an antenna tuner with it. I have made 65+ mile contacts with my FT-817ND and have tried it with various other HF rigs for some stateside DX.…
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