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Amazing Performance

Amazing Performance

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I’ve been using the J-Pole Jr. for about a month now and it performs exceptionally well. Initially I bought it as a “back up” while I awaited delivery of a multi band vertical that costs about 3x as much as the J-Pole Jr. The delivery of the other antenna was initially delayed due to the vendor and I subsequently cancelled it; in part because that vendor doesn’t deserve my money, but also because the J-Pole Jr. is kicking butt.

I’ve got it mounted with the feed end about 40’ high and it slopes down to about 10’ and I am running an IC-7300 with no amp, and an MFJ 939I antenna tuner. My 1st contact was Slovenia and since then I have worked Japan, Ukraine, Peru, Germany, and several other EU countries. It’s really a great antenna and at only 35’ in length it fits in my backyard and blends in to the scenery very well.

One thing to note is that on a slope it is important to make the coax connection VERY water tight. On mine, the feed point is pointing towards the sky at a 45 degree angle and I got water in the coax after about 3 weeks of rain. I changed out the coax and used silicone with a heat shrink and it has been working great.