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Category: Base HF ProMaster Antenna

I am a believer!

Learn More At http://www.AlphaAntenna.com After a couple inquiries to Steve at Alpha Antenna I pulled the trigger on the ProMaster 80-10 vertical. To say I was surprised would be an understatement… This antenna is awesome! I have a odd shaped small backyard so antenna real estate is pretty limited. I use a 40m loop at…
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It works!

Learn More At http://www.AlphaAntenna.com After being inactive for 20 years, I was looking for a simple, effective antenna to go with my new Icom 7000 radio This antenna met those criteria. I’ve worked USA east coast and west coast,2 provinces of Canada, Bahamas, and northern Italy in the last few weeks. Now that I have…
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My ProMaster and Alpha Antenna experience for the last year

Learn More At http://www.AlphaAntenna.com Here is my story over the past year of my relationship with the Alpha ProMaster Antenna and the Alpha Antenna company. The antenna took about two weeks to arrive and was shipped professionally in a 20x6x6 200lb test cardboard box. The bag fit perfectly into the box and as I slid…
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10-80M Marine HF Alpha

Learn More At http://www.AlphaAntenna.com This is one of Alpha’s ProMaster series antennas. Although listed in the title as Marine, I went with this antenna mainly due to space limitations, cost ($219.00), and after verifying with Alpha Antenna that it could also be used as a land based antenna. Initially had some issues getting it to…
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Learn More At http://www.AlphaAntenna.com Being new to the hobby I did a lot of research on antennas and felt this would meet my needs. Product is very easy to install. I have gotten crystal clear communications from both coasts. Also have heard from Mexico and Venezuela as well as Newfoundland. I am very happy with…
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Excellent, very easy install!

Learn More At http://www.AlphaAntenna.com I have been looking to increase my DX range and The Alpha Pro Master has done just that. Last weekend I finally installed the Antenna (I’ve had it for 3 months in the box) First off every component is solid 1st class and is well made. I have it installed off…
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Learn More At http://www.AlphaAntenna.com I have been using this vertical for a couple of months now. I have it on a 4′ metal pipe sitting on top of a 3′ wooden fence pole. My other antenna is a 270′ ocf dipole and the promaster sr. does fair in comparison. Conditions and which band being used…
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