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Category: 100 Watt HF Magnetic Loop Antenna

QRP Loop Antenna

I was the lucky winner of a donated 10-40 Meter Alpha QRP Loop with Field Bag antenna at the QRP ARCI Four-Days-In-May Convention. I have been using the antenna, set up in my shack/office on a tripod these past few weeks. I have been very happy with the performance it is giving me from my…
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Excellent build quality and service!

After a year of trying to construct my own mag loop antenna, I came across Alpha Antennas booth at a hamfest. I noticed the quality right away (silver plating on box connectors, nylon isolation on tuning knob), and after talking to Steve a bit, I was convinced. I took it home, and set up the…
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I’m impressed 40-10m Jr+ model

I bought a while back the Alpha Loop Jr+ 40-10 meter 20 watt version loop and I’m really impressed with its performance. I run WSPR for testing and compare it to my 23′ long endfed dipole up 20′ in the air and the loop is almost as good and very very quiet on receive compared…
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Great QRP Antenna

The Alpha Loop Jr is a great portable QRP antenna! I bought this antenna for use with my FT 817ND. I needed an HF antenna that would fit into my checked luggage, is easy to use, and works as many bands as possible. The Alpha Loop Jr meets all my requirements. I bought the Alpha…
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Great Portable

This is a great antenna for traveling. It all fits into its own custom bag. Easy to set up and operate. I was Working in Quincy MA when I ordered the loop antenna from Steve. I set the antenna up in my second floor apartment. My farthest contacts were on 15 meters. One afternoon I…
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Ease of use while sitting down empowers a disabled ham

Physically unable to install or maintain an outdoor antenna, I was fortunate to discover the Alpha 10-40 Meter Magnetic Loop Antenna Not only is it lightweight and portable, but it works well indoors: I worked Ca,Id,Mi,Ma,Cuba,Mexico,Brazil,and Aruba using 5 watts output. Tuning the Alpha Loop is critical but easy. I can obtain under 1.5 to…
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Excellent Antenna

As soon as you see this antenna you know you have a good thing. It is built by hand and actually looks like a work of art! The quality is excellent. It also does what it is designed to do. I can work DX with my FT-817 running 5 watts or less. Best antenna on…
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Works great

The loop works great. I was “motel mobile” for the IARU contest and worked LU4AA/F on 5 watts with the loop in our 2nd floor motel room (north/west side of the building) in Ritzville, WA. That’s 1325 miles / watt (your mileage may vary). The 1st time I keyed up, I had too much RF…
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