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Category: Base Portable S9 Antenna

Nice multiband vertical

This vertical utilizes multiple tapered telescoping fiberglass tubes to construct the 31 foot antenna. Easy assembly and installation. Very light weight, about 6 lbs.. I used a TV antenna tripod with a 1 1/4 diameter pipe to support the vertical on the ground as this is a part-time use station. I installed 30 radials about…
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excellent performance

I installed this antenna with 30 radials. Got finished with the installation about 3:00 p.m. Central time today. I made contacts on 75 meters and worked Europe on 40 meters with no difficulty. I am running 100W from a Yaesu FT-897D and I have an LDG RT-11 remote tuner at the feed point. For the…
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Very Good Antenna

I was skeptical about all the 5 ratings on this antenna. I’m now pleasantly surprised. I wanted to set this up for 40 meter mono-band. While waiting for the antenna to arrive I put in the mount, set up the S9 radial plate with around 20 radials. I also made the 1:1 “Ugly balun”. I…
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A good, practical vertical antenna

Several years ago I purchased two of the 31′ S9v antennas from the original product founder. I find that the antenna serves nicely as a convenient, portable antenna. It is easy to handle and set up by one person due to its light weight. It can be lashed to most anything solid and you don’t…
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