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I’m impressed 40-10m Jr+ model

I bought a while back the Alpha Loop Jr+ 40-10 meter 20 watt version loop and I’m really impressed with its performance. I run WSPR for testing and compare it to my 23′ long endfed dipole up 20′ in the air and the loop is almost as good and very very quiet on receive compared…
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Excellent, very easy install!

I have been looking to increase my DX range and The Alpha Pro Master has done just that. Last weekend I finally installed the Antenna (I’ve had it for 3 months in the box) First off every component is solid 1st class and is well made. I have it installed off if a mast attached…
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Great Performant, Price and durability

I am very pleased with the Alpha Moto Antenna I purchased. The Alpha Moto’s lack of moving parts (like those of a screwdriver antenna) was a major deciding factor for me in choosing this antenna. I use the antenna in two vehicles, one of which is a Jeep that I regularly take off-roading. The antenna…
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HOA Friendly

Living in an HOA is a problem. The Alpha goes up fast and works good from my home. First day got a 5,200 mile contact in Spain on 12 meters from Denver. I can’t wait for field day to see it work. N0USN


I have been using this vertical for a couple of months now. I have it on a 4′ metal pipe sitting on top of a 3′ wooden fence pole. My other antenna is a 270′ ocf dipole and the promaster sr. does fair in comparison. Conditions and which band being used affect the performance of…
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under 5 watts

ok so I took my alpha antenna to the club I attend and was on my little yeasu 817 nd using solar power so radio was at 5 watts of power and from my club in chorley which is in the u.k we managed to get Adriatic Russia with a 5/7 report WOW I could…
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Great QRP Antenna

The Alpha Loop Jr is a great portable QRP antenna! I bought this antenna for use with my FT 817ND. I needed an HF antenna that would fit into my checked luggage, is easy to use, and works as many bands as possible. The Alpha Loop Jr meets all my requirements. I bought the Alpha…
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Better than expected performance pt 2

As promised, I’ve now had time to use this antenna more extensively. In my initial review the antenna was mounted on a chain link fence and also used the provided ground peg. I’ve since used it at the same location, but with the antenna mounted on a non-conductive wood post and as expected the performance…
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What’s up with these Alpha Antennas!?!

I’ve the ProMaster Sr from these guys and it is pretty amazing, but needed (ahem…wanted) a lighter solution for back packing. I bought this antenna based upon the single review, and seriously! This thing rocks!! This thing is so solid, I can’t imagine ever having to replace ANY of the parts! Trust it as your…
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I just tried my 6-80M 500W Complete Multiband tuner free HF antenna that I purchased from you last month. The performance exceeded my expectations! Having thoroughly researched portable antenna systems for months I decided to purchase your product. It is amazing in that it “hears” things my home station vertical antenna doesn’t. Another ham and…
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