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6-160 sr

The Senior works great! Great reports, 20 over on all the bands with just 100 watts. KC9BOZ


Had mine professionally installed Alpha Moto into my Chevrolet Silverado. I had an Alinco DXSR8 Sitting around and had it also professionally installed. My first contacts were 10m from Ohio to Brazil with a 5/9 report. I kid you not. The next was W1AW in Texas with a 5/9 report and the operator stated “If…
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Very happy Fast Setup DX POTA A+++

The first thing i want to say is you get what you pay for. This antenna with the large tripod is amazing. I have built a few verticals and purchased a few as well. Nothing comes close to the amazingly easy setup. After 2 or so minutes you’re done and you’re on the air. None…
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Very Good Antenna

I was skeptical about all the 5 ratings on this antenna. I’m now pleasantly surprised. I wanted to set this up for 40 meter mono-band. While waiting for the antenna to arrive I put in the mount, set up the S9 radial plate with around 20 radials. I also made the 1:1 “Ugly balun”. I…
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Works well

I recently moved to a deed-restricted community in Florida and had not a clue about how I was going to get back on the air again. I heard about the Sr model which was only 35 feet long and I thought that at least I could string that up in my attic. My expectations were…
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A good, practical vertical antenna

Several years ago I purchased two of the 31′ S9v antennas from the original product founder. I find that the antenna serves nicely as a convenient, portable antenna. It is easy to handle and set up by one person due to its light weight. It can be lashed to most anything solid and you don’t…
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Works great

The loop works great. I was “motel mobile” for the IARU contest and worked LU4AA/F on 5 watts with the loop in our 2nd floor motel room (north/west side of the building) in Ritzville, WA. That’s 1325 miles / watt (your mileage may vary). The 1st time I keyed up, I had too much RF…
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Adequate for its intended purpose

I’ve used the EZMilitary for 5 years now, usually when posted on fire lookouts on mountain peaks. 2 years ago I added the NVIS and EmComm accessories to give added capability if deployed in support of ARES. Its purpose is to provide a multiband antenna that can be set up almost anywhere. An antenna tuner…
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Great product!

Hi Steve, Sure, would love to share. My Alpha Vertical saved the day at field day this year, was having issues with tuning a windom antenna that was hung on a 45 ft temporary tripod. After many issues I finally broke out the alpha, within 10 minutes I was up and running making contacts all…
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Better than advertised

I bought the Alpha Antenna J-Pole Sr back in April of this year, I used it for about 2 weeks with good results and then something went out of whack. The swr was going all over the place on all bands. I put my 20 meter end fed back up on the same feed line…
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