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Category: Portable HF FMJ Antenna

6-80M Alpha HD-FMJ, Multi-band portable HF antenna 5/5

This is a 5/5 product. I purchased the 6-80M Alpha HD-FMJ, Multi-band portable HF antenna and after an extensive morning conversation with James and Steve in which they answered all of my technical questions as well as questions concerning warranty. They were both very open and unlike many antenna companies openly share details including a…
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Alpha 6 – 80 FMJ ANTENNA

I got this antenna in April as an upgrade to the older one I have. I used the FMJ antenna on Saturday of field day this year and I have to say. This antenna is quite awesome. I made 259 contacts with this antenna that day and was the only one working my station. I…
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Another Alpha triumph!

Purchased second hand from a fellow VK, set up took minutes and I added two counterpointed wires. First call on 20 SSB to a ZL with virtually unreadable copy from his end, second call a while later this afternoon netted a UA4 with a 5/5 report. Running a barefoot Icom 736 into this antenna, so…
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under 5 watts

ok so I took my alpha antenna to the club I attend and was on my little yeasu 817 nd using solar power so radio was at 5 watts of power and from my club in chorley which is in the u.k we managed to get Adriatic Russia with a 5/7 report WOW I could…
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I just tried my 6-80M 500W Complete Multiband tuner free HF antenna that I purchased from you last month. The performance exceeded my expectations! Having thoroughly researched portable antenna systems for months I decided to purchase your product. It is amazing in that it “hears” things my home station vertical antenna doesn’t. Another ham and…
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Works as advertised

Set up and teardown is quick and easy. Great for mountain topping. ‘Saves the day’ when the soil is so hard it’s next to impossible to drive a big stake for an antenna pole. I use three 5 lb. ankle weights on the tripod legs and the counterpoise kit, and it hasn’t blown over yet…
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Interesting antenna

Let me first say that there’s no antenna that is as easy as this one is to setup. Well, on my first day of using it, I had some bad luck when I dropped the match on my driveway. I continued to set up the antenna, but when all was said and done I didn’t…
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Very happy Fast Setup DX POTA A+++

The first thing i want to say is you get what you pay for. This antenna with the large tripod is amazing. I have built a few verticals and purchased a few as well. Nothing comes close to the amazingly easy setup. After 2 or so minutes you’re done and you’re on the air. None…
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Great product!

Hi Steve, Sure, would love to share. My Alpha Vertical saved the day at field day this year, was having issues with tuning a windom antenna that was hung on a 45 ft temporary tripod. After many issues I finally broke out the alpha, within 10 minutes I was up and running making contacts all…
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