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Category: Portable HF (HD/LT/Basic) FMJ Antenna

Under 5 watts

Learn More At http://www.AlphaAntenna.com ok so I took my alpha antenna to the club I attend and was on my little yeasu 817 nd using solar power so radio was at 5 watts of power and from my club in chorley which is in the u.k we managed to get Adriatic Russia with a 5/7…
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Learn More At http://www.AlphaAntenna.com I just tried my 6-80M 500W Complete Multiband tuner free HF antenna that I purchased from you last month. The performance exceeded my expectations! Having thoroughly researched portable antenna systems for months I decided to purchase your product. It is amazing in that it “hears” things my home station vertical antenna…
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Works as advertised

Learn More At http://www.AlphaAntenna.com Set up and teardown is quick and easy. Great for mountain topping. ‘Saves the day’ when the soil is so hard it’s next to impossible to drive a big stake for an antenna pole. I use three 5 lb. ankle weights on the tripod legs and the counterpoise kit, and it…
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Interesting antenna

Learn More At http://www.AlphaAntenna.com Let me first say that there’s no antenna that is as easy as this one is to setup. Well, on my first day of using it, I had some bad luck when I dropped the match on my driveway. I continued to set up the antenna, but when all was said…
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Very happy Fast Setup DX POTA A+++

Learn More At http://www.AlphaAntenna.com The first thing i want to say is you get what you pay for. This antenna with the large tripod is amazing. I have built a few verticals and purchased a few as well. Nothing comes close to the amazingly easy setup. After 2 or so minutes you’re done and you’re…
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Great product!

Learn More At http://www.AlphaAntenna.com Hi Steve, Sure, would love to share. My Alpha Vertical saved the day at field day this year, was having issues with tuning a windom antenna that was hung on a 45 ft temporary tripod. After many issues I finally broke out the alpha, within 10 minutes I was up and…
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