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Good value, excellent portable

Good value, excellent portable

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I purchased the antenna based on an ad seen on QRZ.com… The antenna is a snap to put up and is very solid. It does flex a lot in the wind, but it does not to seem to affect performance at all. I use a 1:1 unun for monoband 40 meters, and a 4:1 unun for use on bands from 40-10 with an auto tuner. Performance as a 40m monoband was excellent. First call after setup got a response from a K7 station. 59 report after noting that I was using a new antenna.

Using with a tuner, 30 meters on PSK31 was a breeze. Contacts were easy to make, and first CQ’s yielded a response. 20 meters worked well, but I only used CW and PSK31. Didn’t dabble at all with phone.