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Great Antenna!

Great Antenna!

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I purchased the EzMilitary because I was looking for an antenna that was portable and could be quickly deployed. After some research on many sites, and watching several youtube videos, I decided to purchase the EzMilitary.

Once I received the antenna I deployed it immediately. I clamped the antenna to the grill on my deck (deck is about 10 feet off the ground) and setup the counterpoise in my yard. The antenna tuned quickly with my FT-897 and within 20 minutes from unpacking, I had made my first contact to Bogata, Columbia on 20M.

On field day (2015) I deployed the antenna again but this time I put the antenna in the back yard (clamped to my wheelbarrow) and utilized the optional NVIS kit. My QTH is West-Central MO and I was able to make contacts on 40M with stations in the Southern part of Missouri, NE Oklahoma and Northern Arkansas…stations that are normally in my skip zone.

If you are looking for an antenna for a QRP rig or for emergency communications, you can not go wrong with the EzMilitary.

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