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Great Antenna

Great Antenna

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I read the reviews and was very skeptical. I had a hard time believing everyone gave a “5” report. I finally had to buy one to find out for myself…at the price I figured I could not go wrong. I ordered last Wednesday, and had it Friday morning! Saturday I put it together and got it on the air. It took me longer to read the downloaded instructions then to put the thing together.

I turned on the rig, a Ten-Tec Omni VII, checked 40 with my 80 meter full wave loop and noticed a few S3 to S5 signals and nothing more, then I switched to the S9v, WOW!!! The S3 went to S9, the S5 went to 20 over. The band came alive. My XYL was gone so I found myself still up and on at 3 AM, working everything I could hear. Several broke in to tell me I was the loudest station on the band. I broke several pile ups on the first call, had 20 over 9 qso’s with California, but got out equally with stations here in Florida and surrounding states.

I am not using a chock coil, have not hooked up a 4:1 balun and am still able to load it on every band from 80 to 6 with an MFJ 3 kw tuner. On 40 my swr is below 1:3 to one across the entire band and there is no rf getting into speakers, computers, televisions or phones. I mounted the S9v as suggested on a galvanized pipe against my perimeter fence in the back yard. The bottom of the vertical is level with the top of the fence line and I tied the shield of my 213 coax to the fence. The installation from start to finish took less than an hour. The antenna is so light I could lift it with one hand, but did use two to lift it and set it down over the mounting pipe.

I have been a ham for over 50 years, and used every antenna in the book, and then some. I am always trying something new to compare with what I have. The 31 foot S9v exceeded every expectation and made a believer out of me. It must be the fence!!!