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I’m impressed 40-10m Jr+ model

I’m impressed 40-10m Jr+ model

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I bought a while back the Alpha Loop Jr+ 40-10 meter 20 watt version loop and I’m really impressed with its performance. I run WSPR for testing and compare it to my 23′ long endfed dipole up 20′ in the air and the loop is almost as good and very very quiet on receive compared to the dipole. I live in a highly restricted area (RV Park) so the loop attracts very little attention since its on a tripod 2′ up…..construction is very simple and solid. Mine came with a backpack to store Loop in. I’m looking forward to using it for SOTA weather permitting.

Alpha Loop is so easy to setup, maybe 5 minutes or less compared to my Buddipole vertical – you don’t need trees or anything else, just some good quality coax to your rig. The tuning cap knocks the SWR down to almost 1:1 and the KX3 finishes the job.


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