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This version of the Alpha ProMaster Jr is a 10-40 meter base & transportable vertical antenna that is easy for one person to assemble and deploy. This newly designed system requires only one ground wire to complete and balance the circuit. Built for the harshest military and civilian environments. Perfect for ALE (automatic link establishment) and all HF modes including, but not limited to, CW, SSB (USB/LSB), AM, etc. You may also use an external antenna tuner if your antenna is installed over a poor ground or not placed in a clear area.

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Optional Tripod:

The optionally available heavy duty steel tripod is designed for at least 2 years of continuous outdoor use, in non-salt water environments. Our two year outdoor test of this tripod revealed that it was still structurally sound, and only showed signs of fading with some rust on the screws.


Frequency Coverage - 40 to 10 meters
Peak Power: 250W SSB (100W CW/50W Digital)
Weight - 9 Pounds


- 1 Heavy duty mount and hardware with Alpha Match
- 1 Self-supporting 6 section telescopic vertical element
- 5 Stainless steel clamps
- 1 Ground wire & Ground stake

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