OCF Dipole Antenna for portable HF

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Overview - This is the 6-40 meter Alpha OCF Dipole Antenna.

Introduction - Our engineers are proud to bring you a German engineered portable antenna in a revolutionary housing that is both beautiful and functional.

The Alpha Antenna 6-40 meter portable OCF (Off Center Fed) Dipole is 67 feet long and handles 200W PEP SSB. Both wire elements of each antenna come with wiring that is slightly longer so you can fine tune it.

Operation - This 6-40 meter antenna is designed for the 6, 10, 20, and 40 meter bands without a tuner. You may also need to use an external antenna tuner if your antenna is too low or not placed in an area clear of metal structures.

eHam Reviews:
eHam Reviews

Deployment - This antenna includes the ability to adjust tuning for differing heights and surroundings, which is done by simply trimming the included extra wire from the elements. This antenna can be installed in an inverted V configuration, which changes the feedpoint impedance. It can also be deployed at the ideal height where the feed point is around 30-35 feet. Mounting the OCF antenna between 20 to 30 feet is also acceptable. Lower heights can also be used to maximize NVIS (Near Vertical Incident Skywave), which is most effectively enabled by using a tuner on some of the bands that each antenna is designed to operate on.

Technical - The OCF Alpha Match is designed around a specific Alpha Antenna balun, which is based upon the dual core 4:1 Guanella balun that delivers 200 ohm impedance characteristics to radiating wire elements, while inherently minimizing common mode current. This design enables the antenna to be fed with a standard 50 ohm coax. This is not an OCF design that uses a vertical coaxial radiator and needs some type of choking resistance ("choke balun").

Analysis when deployed at a height greater than 6 feet
Alpha Antenna OCF Dipole SWR analysis

Alpha Antenna OCF Dipole Smith Chart

OCF Alpha Match results on a 200 ohm load

SWR Analysis with Balun under 200 ohm load

R, X, & Z Analysis with Balun under 200 ohm load

Smith Chart under 200 ohm load
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