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Portable Alpha Loop (version 6.x) for coverage of 10-80 Meters handles 100 Watts PEP SSB on 10-40 Meters and 20W on 40/60/80 Meters when the included Booster Cable is installed, and the 11 foot Booster Cable can even be used as the feedline when not used to enable 80 Meters.

This antenna is a small (transmitting) loop, so there are no taps on coils and no counterpoise wires needed. It has a built in tuner with a 6:1 reduction drive that allows you to easily match the antenna for transmit and receive from 7 MHz to 29.7 MHz or 3.5 MHz to 7 MHz when the Booster Cable is installed. High noise rejection is also one of the favorite features of this antenna for many operators in RFI prone environments.

Recent Update!
This version of the Alpha Loop has been designed to enable micro-tuning between the top outer and inner loops. This was done by replacing the 'selfie stick' with a center support rod. The design enables you to independently move the inner loop closer or further from the outer loop, which provides additional tuning capabilities. The new support rod also enables you to simultaneously slide the BOTH the outer and inner loops up and down the rod, thereby changing the shape of the loop and adding versatility to your signal pattern. We know that you will enjoy the additional tuning & the ability to vary your signal pattern, which are designed into this small (transmitting) loop.

More EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT than any other manufactured loop, as the Alpha Loop is:
- More EFFECTIVE at getting your signal across on 10-40M at 100 Watts PEP SSB = You will be heard!
- More EFFICIENT on 40-80 meters by using a 21+ foot outer loop in a double loop configuration, which mathematically squares efficiency.

The Alpha Loop is a 10-40 Meter transmit/receive magnetic loop antenna, which handles 100 Watts PEP SSB, 50 Watts CW, and 25 Watts Digital. This enables the Alpha Loop to be heard and be more Effective than any other manufactured loop. Other loops just can’t take the power that is often needed to break through or 'make the trip', but instead they try 'compensating' for lack of design or they limit you to sub-par performance with 10 watts CW (25 watts SSB) or less of power handling capabilities.

When the the Booster Cable is installed, a double loop is formed that narrows bandwidth, which is proof of increased efficiency. The outer loop then too has over 21 feet in total length, which results in more surface area for increased skin effect and this also increases efficiency. The result of both of these design features is an antenna that that is more Efficient than any other manufactured loop on 40, 60, 75 & 80 meters.

ADDED BONUS! The included Booster Cable transforms this Alpha Loop into the largest and most efficient of all manufactured portable Magnetic Loops on 12-40M. Simply replace the default 10-40M outer loop with the included Booster Cable.

Tripod and Bag
Center Support Mast (NO MORE SELFIE STICK!)
Alpha Match with 6:1 Vernier Reduction Drive inside a high voltage enclosure
Inner Loop featuring our uniquely available patent pending Shielded Faraday Coupling Loop
Outer Loop with continuous coverage from 7 MHz to 29.7 MHz 100W PEP SSB
Booster Cable with continuous coverage from 3.5 MHz to 7 MHz at 20W PEP SSB (NOTE - Booster Cable installs in Series with the Outer Loop)

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Power Ratings:
- 100 Watts PEP SSB, 50 Watts CW, and 25 Watts Digital on 10-40 meters without Booster Cable installed.
- 20 Watts PEP SSB, 10 Watts CW, and 5 Watts Digital on 40-80 meters with Booster Cable installed.

Alpha Antenna provides you with real world results at the center of each band, at a height of one loop diameter, without using a RFI choke during the testing process. We do not just show you the 'sweet spot' where an analysis provides the best results on a specific frequency. We also do not guess at how a loop is made and then simply use "a calculator used to arrive at the gain figures of the competitor’s loops". Nor do we change the height to slant the results in our favor. Yes, these are things that we've seen others do, as they hide their issues that do not enable their loops to handle 100 watts. So, here is the real world analysis for the Alpha Loop.

80 to 10 Meter Alpha Loop Analysis, manually tuned for minimum SWR on each band
Alpha Loop Analysis

Bonus Information
The Alpha Loop becomes even more EFFICIENT on 12-40M when the included Booster Cable is used in place of the 10-40 meter default outer loop, as this boosts the circumference of the outer loop to 11'9", which provides more skin effect than any other manufactured loop.

Comparative analysis of the Booster Cable on 12- 40 meters VS the Default Outer Loop on 10-40 meters:
- Analysis of Booster cable as single outer-loop - CLICK HERE
- Analysis of Default cable as single outer-loop - CLICK HERE

Deployment video of the antenna

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