13 Foot long - 6 Section Alpha Mil-Stick Whip Antenna

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This is the Mil-Stickwhip used with the Alpha Antenna FMJ line of systems. Featuring the longest MilStick in the industry that also has greatest strength, girth, and resiliency. This 13 foot long MilStick is made of SIX (6) 26" .433" sections of aerospace 7075 anodized aluminum alloys with a quick deployment & breakdown design using a shock cord.

Height: 13'
Diameter: .433"
VSWR: Subject to configuration
Weight: 18 ozs
Mount: 3/8-24 Thread
Composition: Made of SIX (6) 26’ sections of aerospace 7075 anodized aluminum alloys.

What's the difference between the Alpha Mil-Stick Whip and other products?
Alpha Antenna .433
Competition .390
Alpha 13 feet
Others 10'8"
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Alpha Antenna

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