Alpha MOTO Conversion Kit (Spring/Ferrule/Whip)

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Installs on the FMJ Stainless Steel Alpha Match. These components then enable the 6-40 meter Alpha MOTO Antenna seen HERE in eHam Reviews .

Simply put, the Alpha MOTO Antenna puts you on the air making contacts for an economical price, which requires:
-No extra whips
-No adjustments required for band changes
-No moving parts
-No power required
-No control interface boxes

To complete your installation, just attach your antenna tuner to the Alpha Match to enable mobile operations. This will allow you to tune then transmit and receive on 6-40 meters while driving down the highway or parked in your favorite spot for HF operations. An added bonus, you can also tune 60 & 80 Meters so you can listen in on your favorite nets or just pass the time listening to QSOs. A 5 foot whip is included and you can add a 96 inch whip for even greater performance, or install the 13 foot Alpha MilStick whip for improved stationary Mobile performance. Remember to purchase the optional Alpha Jam Mount less you already have a similar mount. From the owner; "This antenna works very well with any tuner on 6, 10, 12, 15, 17, & 20 meters. On 30 it still works pretty well and you'll even make some decent state-side contacts on 40 meters. On 60 & 80 meters, it's a receive only antenna, although contacts have been logged. Just remember to place it as high as possible on your vehicle and use a mount that is as good as the Alpha Jam mount."

In less than 60 seconds, you can affix the Alpha MOTO Conversion Kit to the Black or Stainless Steel Alpha Match.

Please ensure you buy or own a mount very similar to the Alpha Jam mount or this system will not function properly in a mobile installation.

You will receive the stainless steel spring, as well as the 5 foot whip and ferrule.

IMPORTANT! Watch the Alpha MOTO Installation Example to determine whether you need to also get the optional Alpha Jam Mount listed as an Option:

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