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Light, easy to use and set up

Light, easy to use and set up

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Hmm, for some reason E-ham won’t see me as my new call, VE6VID but only my old.
I have had the EzMilitary for about an month or so. I had it out for the weekend camping and found it to be very worthy. Here is my preferred set-up: 8′ collapsible painters pole with a CB style mirror mount, 3 counterpoise that act as guide wires as well.A 16’NVIS wire going over to a hiking / ski pole and then 25′ of RG-8X coax.
With my AA-30 antenna analyzer I got the following readings:
10 Metres: swr 1.05:1, R=52.4, X=-.6
20 Metres: swr 2.8:1, R=22.6, X=-23.4
40 Metres: swr 2.8:1, R=21.7, X= 20.2
80 Metres: swr 2.8:1, R=28.8, X= 34.9

With 10 watts from my KX-3 I had numerous contacts throughout the weekend. Is it worth the money, yes. I like it better than the previous BP antenna that I had but I still use a tuner which is OK. Its small, light and goes up fast and there is no need to adjust any clips etc for frequency changes. Is it efficient as say a 43′ with 32 radials, no. Is it a keeper, for sure.

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