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Assessment fee for repairs/upgrades

Assessment fee for repairs/upgrades




All repairs/upgrades start with this “Assessment fee for repairs/upgrades”. This $25 is to cover shipping charges for the item to be sent back to you, and also includes the minimum available fee for an assessment.

To continue with an assessment for repairs/upgrades, simply purchase this option and enter what is wrong with your system in the Comments section on the page where you make payment. Then just print your receipt and include it in the box with your item(s) that need repair or upgrade. *

Upon returning the printed receipt and your item(s), you will be sent a quote for repairs or updates. At that time, you will have the option of having your system repaired/upgraded, returned without being repaired/upgraded, or sent to the recycling bin.

* Your item(s) and printed receipt should be sent to:

Productive Industries LLC
c/o Repairs/Upgrades
112 East Commercial St
Pleasant Hill, MO 64080