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QRP Heaven

QRP Heaven

Ok, if you want an antenna that does the job on QRP, this is it.

Magnetic loops are High-Q, so this antenna does require some work tuning for best performance. If you want an antenna, that you tune, then have the whole band available for operating, this isn’t for you.

If you want the most efficient antenna possible with a small form factor, and don’t mind retuning when you move +/- 5KHZ, then this is a good choice. Make no mistake, you can’t tune a magnetic loop on 14.175, and have a good match at 14.200 without retuning.

Sure, you can use an auto-tuner, to make your transmitter happy, but you won’t be transmitting the maximum magnetic wave.

If you want to work maximum stations, leave the tuner off, and tune the antenna.

High-Q means narrow bandwidth. It also means maximum efficiency when tuned properly.

This is a great implementation of a portable loop. Everything goes together well, quality hardware, and a great carrying bag. It went together in a few minutes, and I was having a rag chew on 14.200 on my patio a few minutes later with my K2 using 10 watts, from Colorado to Wisconsin. On CW, this thing is going to be incredible, even with 100mw.

I do have an AA-600 analyzer, that makes tuning a snap.

Yes the variable capacitor on the base is touchy, as was mentioned, and a reduction drive would help, but with some practice, a good match is not hard to get, once you get used to the fine touch needed.

Bottom line is, more work = best possible performance. I will be taking this and my KX3 up to high attitude once the temps get warmer, and will be having a blast. :>)

And it will all fit on my Dirt Bike. Come on spring…….

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